* Domain Name Sale: BigBucket.com

It’s big, it’s a bucket, it’s bigbucket.com. What’s not to like?

As I mentioned yesterday, I am selling some of my domain names. First up: bigbucket.com. I first registered this domain name in June of 1997 when I had just started working for Verio. We created BigBucket as a database of website developers to compliment TheList.com, a database of Internet service providers. It even included a “big big page,” a tribute to all things big on the Internet (like The Really Big Button That Doesn’t Do Anything). It was a neat idea, I thought. But Verio chose not to keep it up and let the domain name lapse, so I re-registered it. But I’ve never used it.

In any event, because I don’t have time to manage inquiries from multiple potential buyers, I’m selling bigbucket.com on eBay. Bid now to get it in time for Thanksgiving!

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