* Selling Domain Names

The time has come to sell off some of my many domain names.

My firm, Clock Tower Law Group, is really good at buying and selling domain names. We do it for ourselves, friends, family, and clients. So I’ve decided to eat my own dog food (as Buddy Cunningham from Verio used to say) and sell of some of my domain names. I plan on trying various methods for each transaction, and I plan on blogging about it.

Quoting from my law firm’s website:

“Clock Tower Law Group registers domain names for itself and for third parties, including: clocktowerlaw.biz, clocktowerlaw.com, clocktowerlaw.info, clocktowerlaw.net, clocktowerlaw.org, clocktowerlaw.us, clocktowerlaw.ws, clocktowerlawgroup.biz, clocktowerlawgroup.com, clocktowerlawgroup.info, clocktowerlawgroup.net, clocktowerlawgroup.org, clocktowerlawgroup.us, clocktowerlawgroup.ws, gamepatents.biz, gamepatents.com, gamepatents.info, gamepatents.net, gamepatents.org, gamepatents.us, gamepatents.ws, playpatents.biz, playpatents.com, playpatents.info, playpatents.net, playpatents.org, playpatents.us, playpatents.ws, sportspatents.biz, sportspatents.info, sportspatents.net, sportspatents.org, sportspatents.us, sportspatents.ws, toypatents.biz, toypatents.com, toypatents.info, toypatents.net, toypatents.org, toypatents.us, toypatents.ws, beaverlaw.com, bigbucket.com, cannonballshooters.com, cannonballshooters.net, cannonballshooters.org, erikjheels.com, fingbot.com, finnweb.com, giantpeople.com, heels.com, heels.org, intellectualpropertyaudit.com, isuckat.com, lawlawlaw.com, mcatsband.com, mcatsband.net, mcatsband.org, morfor.com, parodylaw.com, patentsetc.com, patentsetc.net, patentsetc.org, redstreet.com, redstreet.net, redstreet.org, thatthingyoudid.com.”

Some of these domain names belong to the firm, others to third parties such as GiantPeople, my consulting/publishing company. There’s a bunch of juicy domain names in that list. Got any favorites?

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