* United States Patent 6748696

Self-Automated Mushroom Growing System.

On June 15, 2004, United States Patent 6,748,696 issued.

The abstract is as follows:

A self-automated mushroom growing apparatus and method for providing a continuous water and air supply for growing mushrooms on a small-scale. The apparatus is an enclosed, terrarium-like Grow Space including a porous Wicking Medium substrate, and an Air Diffuser rod situated within or below the porous Wicking Medium. An Air Diffuser is situated within the apparatus and is connected to an air supply to provide fresh air to the Grow Space. The porous Wicking Medium is saturated with water. The saturated Wicking Medium provides a continuous supply of water to a Cake Culture in contact with the Wicking Medium. The Air Supply mixes stale air that settles near the surface of the porous Wicking Medium.

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