* United States Patent 6,752,788

Syringe Needle Cover.

On June 22, 2004, United States Patent 6,752,788 issued.

The abstract is as follows:

The invention is a syringe needle Protection Cover, including a Needle Hub to secure the needle base and a side-opening cover with an Axial Slot to protect the needle. The needle is at the center of the needle base, and a Longitudinal Member forms a side-opening cover that integrates with the Needle Hub at one side via a Hinge. The Longitudinal Member opens easily and locks closed securely. When the Protection Cover is in the closed position, it is difficult to force open, thus making it difficult to reuse a needle. The protection cover gives users more than one visual indication that a needle has been used, locks in a closed position with multiple locking structures, and after use, deforms the needle so as to render it non-reusable.

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