* United States Patent App. 20060105149

Pressure-sensitive Light-extracting Paper.

On 5/18/2006, United States Patent App. 20060105149 was published.

The abstract is as follows:

A pressure-sensitive light-extracting drawing surface including a light guide operable to receive a light source, wherein light is extracted from a light guide when pressure is applied to the drawing surface by a marking instrument. A resultant light-emitting drawing can be erased or can be made permanent. An optional multi-layered film disposed on the light guide allows drawings to be created in fluorescent, luminescent, phosphorescent, or photochromic colors. A background sheet containing designs may be inserted behind the light guide. The drawing surface can be embodied as a pressure-sensitive light-extracting “paper.” The invention may be embodied as a drawing tablet, a drawing tablet add-on to a modular graphic display device, or a toy drawing tablet for tracing alphabets, numerals, and characters from comic books, cartoons, and movies.

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