* Website Review: RedStreet

We can take it as well as we can dish it out.

On 01/01/07, the RedStreet website was relaunched. RedStreet reviewed law firm websites from 1997-2001 when many law firms were testing the web waters for the first time. For our 1999 law firm website reviews, we also reviewed RedStreet’s own website:

“We can take it as well as we can dish it out, so we’ll also review our own home page. We like the periodical style of this home page, but the fonts in the headings of the left border do not match the fonts on the rest of the page. The directory structure is logical for the most part, but the ‘Services’ link takes us to a page called ‘Whois Red Street.’ Employee profiles were here, which is not where we’d expect to find them. The elements in the top graphical navigation bar do not match those in the bottom text-only navigation bar. We would highlight some in the bottom (such as ‘Random’) more prominently. Search engine output is excellent, as is 404 handling. Page layout is consistent throughout, and bookmark-friendly titles and a logical directory structure are also used. This is a complete redesign over last year’s look.”

In 1999, we considered 2542 law firms with domain names to arrive at our final 330 reviews.

As soon as Google indexes the review pages (and the corresponding RedStreet Museum pages), I’m sure that the many firms will find their old reviews. And just to keep things interesting, I’m removing the password-protection from the RedStreet website statistics page, so you can see the trends for yourself.

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