* FeedBurner Should Be The Feed Master

Just say no to Yahoo Pipes and xFruits.

I tried making a master feed from my multiple fees (articles feed, comments feed, and Google Reader Shared Items) feed using Yahoo Pipes (and I am the only one who refuses to refer to Yahoo as “Yahoo!”?).

Then I took a look at xFruits, which also let you aggregate multiple RSS feeds into one. Plus lots of other transformations, like RSS to web, RSS to mobile, RSS to email, RSS to OPML, and OPML to mobile.

But do I start with my raw feeds, glue those together on one, then burn those into a new FeedBurner feed? Or do I glue the FeedBurner feeds into a new meta feed?

That’s when I decided that I don’t want another intermediary messing with my feeds. I want FeedBurner to do everything that Yahoo Pipes and xFruits can do with feeds. I want FeedBurner to be the Feed Master. Zuul can be the Gatekeeper.

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4 Replies to “* FeedBurner Should Be The Feed Master”

  1. Hi Erik,Wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your perspective on Yahoo Pipes and that I gained further benefit from reading other various topics in your blogs.  Throughout your writing you get your point across with a good mix of technical terms and everyday language, enabling a reader to get the concept from context even if they lack full fluency (that would be me).Your myriad interests (Tech,Law, Baseball, Rock ‘n Roll) caught my eye, too, because I find I get energy and idea generation from doing a mental mashup of different disciplines.Thanks, too, for mentioning a couple books (Selling the Invisible and Rules for Revolutionaries). I’m going to store those titles in my librarything account until I can read them; right now I am reading The Change Function by Pip Coburn. Oh, the librarything site is based in Maine – gosh, you
    might even know those folks!I took a quick trip through your material with your friend/associate Rick and, again, enjoyed your “agnostic” position on OS. All I can say, though, is thank goodness we don’t have to go through a bunch of passwords and ceremonies to have a bowl of cereal in the morning!  I will share your comments on linux, et al. with some of my computer friends.So…the path to this email was interesting – I used a Google alert to send me info on Yahoo Pipes which steered me toward your interesting blogs and some good book titles! All of that has put me higher on my learning curve – yea!Chris Novell Come visit my quality of life blog !http://owlsays.blogspot.com/

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