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I’ve added a few more blogs to my blogroll.

As I discover new blogs, I add them to my Google Reader account and tag them as “evaluate.” Periodically, I add selected blogs to my public blogroll. In each case, I file the blog under one main category, not necessarily because the blog covers only that topic, but because that’s where I’m most likely to find it. (That’s what a filing system is for, isn’t it?) Also, I link to the blog’s feed and to the blog itself. (Boy, it would be nice if there were some product/service that automated this for me.)

  1. Clients: OurStage is a cool web-based platform for artists to showcase their art and fans to vote on the best stuff. Kind of like American Idol on the web. Except cooler.
  2. Technology: Becoming Brian O’Kelley by Brian O’Kelley of Right Media fame.
  3. Law: bk! by Brandy Karl, a fellow (sister?) MIT alum and IP attorney who is now hanging out at Stanford.
  4. Law: Lawgarithms by Denise Howell. And now the truth can be told. I sang with the MIT Logarhythms in a previous life. So I dig the name. Maybe I should Digg the name? Moving on…
  5. Law: The Invent Blog by Stephen M. Nipper.
  6. Law: The Substantially Similar Weblog.
  7. Rock ‘n’ Roll: iTunes New Releases.
  8. Etc.: lolcats. I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

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