* LinkedIn Now Has Photos

And your (formerly complete) profile is now incomplete.

LinkedIn quietly added photos. At the same time, LinkedIn quietly demoted all of your 100% complete profiles to 95% complete because you don’t have a photo. What’s next, an API? Facebook, lookout, here comes LinkedIn! Now with photos!

By the way, if you know me, connect with me via my LinkedIn profile.

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One Reply to “* LinkedIn Now Has Photos”

  1. “If you know me . . .”
    Here are the definitions of “know” from wiktionary:
    1. (intransitive) To be certain or sure about.

    I know that I’m right and you’re wrong.
    He knew something terrible was going to happen.

    2. (transitive) To be acquainted or familiar with; to have encountered.

    I know your mother, but I’ve never met your father.

    3. (transitive) To have knowledge of; to have memorised information, data, or facts about.

    He knows more about 19th century politics than one would expect.
    She knows where I live.
    Let me do it. I know how it works.

    4. (transitive) To understand (a subject).

    She knows chemistry better than anybody else.

    5. (transitive, archaic, Biblical) To have sexual relations with.
    6. (intransitive) To be informed about.

    Do you know that Michelle and Jack are getting divorced? — Yes, I know.

    7. (transitive) To be aware of (a person’s) intentions.

    I won’t lend you any money. You would never pay me back; I know you.

    8. (transitive) To experience.

    Their relationship knew ups and downs.

    So the people who “know” you include everyone who is reading this blog (although we won’t necesarily say which definition fits)

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