* Rodenticides Kill Pets

Keep all poisons away from pets.

My brother Mark just lost his dog Katie because she ate some rodent poison. He has started the Rodenticides Kill Pets forum (complete with feed) on the ASPCA online community website to help educate others about the dangers of rodenticides. His story in brief:

Please spare yourself the tragedy that I have recently endured. My beloved Border Collie, Katie, became gravely ill after getting into rodenticides even though I placed them in a safe place.

Symptoms of Rodenticide Posioning include:
*lack of activity, energy
*difficulty moving, stiffness
*intolerance for exercise
*bleeding from the gums

These products are NOT SAFE to have in your home – EVER. Katie was a wonderful companion for 10 years but I had to make the agonizingly difficult decision to have her euthanized. We will miss her terribly but I hope to spare others the grief that I have experienced.

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  1. USDA wish to poison all the rats and claim that non goxic baited traps are ‘ineffective.” to ERRADICATE not decimate, prior to a bird release on a small island off of Guam, U.S.A. Micronesia.What is the biodgradability of broadicoam and diocephonine (sp) and is it as benign as they clami although they warn people not to eat crabs on the island for 4 months? Will the insects that eat the dead rats they do not find and collect as they claim they will do- (impossibility to find all I imagine as they will be dying in rat holes. etc.) be dangerous to the endangered sea birds that frequent the island? Is there any alternative to ridding the island of rats and- monitor lizards- lthat would feed upon these ground nesting koko birds?

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