* Red Sox Win 2007 World Series

Red Sox defeat Rockies 4-3, Sox sweep series.

This is fun! Congratulation to the Red Sox, who just won the World Series – again! It was a great year with great highlights (such as the no-hitter) and great stories (such as Lester beating cancer and then winning game 4). On October 18, 11 days ago, the Sox were down three games to one in the ALCS against the Indians, and I made some predictions about what the Red Sox would do next:

All the Sox need to do to win is to relax. Like Manny. The pressure is on the Indians to close the deal, just like it was on the Yankees in 2004. So here are my predictions:

Sox win a close Game 5 on the strength of Manny being Money and an unlikely hero (perhaps Cora or Elsbury).

Sox win games 6 and 7 in laughers. Beckett is the ALCS MVP.

Mike Lowell is the MVP of the World Series, which the Sox win in 4.

So the lesson here is clear. Don’t bet against me. And don’t bet against the Red Sox!

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  1. Erik,

    Sorry about responding so late. I’ve gone back to school (again). This time I’m a student instead of a teacher. I’ll be a paralegal in March of ’08. I really enjoy studying the law (Kaye says this is proof I’m certifiable). Send me an e-mail!

    Brent & Kaye (Jordan) Backman

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