* Red Sox On Verge Of Historic Comeback

The Red Sox are preparing to win three consecutive games against the Indians.

Down three games to one in the ALCS against the Cleveland Indians, the Red Sox are preparing to win three consecutive games to with the American League championship and secure their spot in the World Series against the upstart Colorado Rockies. The Red Sox are planning on beating the Rockies in four straight.

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3 Replies to “* Red Sox On Verge Of Historic Comeback”

  1. Wow – pretty much dead-on with your prediction.

    Hope your WS prediction comes true, too – I can’t take 7 game series…..

    I am betting that Drew is WS MVP…what kind of odds can I get? His numbers in Coors Field are pretty damned good….

  2. Greetings Will,

    All the Sox need to do to win is to relax. Like Manny. The pressure is on the Indians to close the deal, just like it was on the Yankees in 2004. So here are my predictions:

    Sox win a close Game 5 on the strength of Manny being Money and an unlikely hero (perhaps Cora or Elsbury).

    Sox win games 6 and 7 in laughers. Beckett is the ALCS MVP.

    Mike Lowell is the MVP of the World Series, which the Sox win in 4.

    I’ll be in to buy more CDs soon. I think about it every time I drive or walk by your store.


  3. Hi Erik,
    Long time no visit to my store ???
    I hate to say it but thats a weak prediction for the Red Sox ?!?! Yes, thats the ultimate wish but how about talking about what they need to do to win all those games.
    By Stirring up the line up and sitting some players down to send a message to the rest of the team. Maybe changing the batting order to put guys on base so Big Papi, Manny and Youkilis can drive them in or Hit a Home run to put more points on the board.
    Any Thoughts ?

    @ CD WIlly`s

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