* WordPress Blog Before And After SEO

Screen shots of Google search results before and after adding the All In One SEO Pack plugin to my WordPress blog.

As part of my upgrade from WordPress 2.2.3 to 2.3.1, I added the All In One SEO Pack plugin. Among other things, the SEO plugin adds meta tags to your blog pages.

Here is a Google search for pages from erikjheels.com before the SEO plugin:

Here is a Google search for pages from erikjheels.com after the SEO plugin:

With the SEO plugin, search engine results are more rich, and because the blog title comes after the article title, there is less duplication of indexed/displayed information.

It’s nice to have this plugin, but why on earth are meta tags excluded from a default WordPress install? A better design decision would have been to include the first 256 characters of each post (or whatever the magic number is) as the default meta description tag value and the categories as the default meta keywords tag value.

We don’t need a plugin to add a “title” tag. I’m not sure why we need one to add “meta” tags.

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