* Gmail Problems

I want to trust Gmail, but it needs to be reliable.

I’ve been thinking about buying Google Apps Premier Edition ($50 / account / year), but every time I start to do more research, something like this happens. I got this error message when trying to access Gmail:

This seems to be taking longer than usual.

If you are using a slow Internet connection, you can wait a bit longer for this page to finish loading, or just use basic HTML view for now.

If you are using your normal Internet connection and you usually get past this loading step without any problems, please refresh this page in your browser. If you continue to have trouble loading your account, please visit the help center for troubleshooting information.

Plus I have multiple Google accounts (one for Google Reader, another for Gmail) and Google doesn’t let you merge accounts. This is not my fault. Separate accounts were created before Google came up with the (novel?) idea of a centralized Google account. It’s also baffling that there is no built-in way to import email to Gmail.

So I’m on the fence. I want trust trust Gmail, but it needs to be reliable.

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  1. I have been getting this message recently – and I do think it is some bug in the system related to having Reader and/or other Google things open at the same time. I find that simply closing the window with the error and clicking on ‘Gmail’ from the Reader window fixes it. Although your point about reliability is well taken.

    On importing mail to gmail….I think you may be mistaken. Gmail is very down with POP and IMAP now. I have never used it – but there should be some way to use these protocols to get whatever mail you want into your account.

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