* ESPN’s Greatest Highlight With Chris Berman

2004 Red Sox highlights conspicuously absent.

ESPN is having a greatest highlight contest where fans vote to select the best sports highlights. I love these contests, I hate these contests.

First of all, ESPN didn’t even get its facts straight initially. They had “the catch” (Dwight Clark hauls in Joe Montana’s TD pass against Cowboys (Jan. 10, 1982)) listed as being against the Dolphins initially. No, it was against the Cowboys. I should know because I was rooting for the Cowboys. I didn’t vote for that one.

Second, ESPN has no videos of these highlights. Are you kidding me? The only reason ESPN exists is because of the video highlight. And all you’ve got are still photos! Lame.

Third, ESPN doesn’t even have still photos of some of the highlights! That’s like putting the names of some presidential candidates on the ballets and only putting initials for other candidates. I’m sure they’ll know who we’re talking about. Missing highlights include Mike Legg scoops puck and scores from behind for Michigan (March 24, 1996) and Vinko Bogataj’s ski-jump crash lives on with Wide World of Sports (March 21, 1970). Wasn’t that ABC’s Wide World of Sports? Aren’t ABC and ESPN both owned by Disney? Get a clue.

Fourth, of the 100 highlights we get to choose from, there are zero (count ’em, zero) highlights from the 2004 Red Sox. You know, the first baseball team in MLB history to come back from an 0-3 deficit to win a best-of-7 series. No Dave Robert steal? No Big Papi walkoff home run in ALCS Game 4? No Big Papi walkoff in ALCS Game 5? Nothing from games 6 or 7? Really? These didn’t make the top 100? Idiots.

Here are the ones I voted for. Note that I only saw four of these live:

  1. John Havlicek’s steal seals Celtics championship (April 15, 1965)
  2. Bobby Orr flies through air after Cup-clinching goal (May 10, 1970)
  3. Hank Aaron passes Babe Ruth with home run (April 8, 1974)
  4. Carlton Fisk wills HR fair in World Series against Reds (Oct. 21, 1975)
  5. *Mike Eruzione’s goal gives U.S. lead against U.S.S.R. (Feb. 22, 1980)
  6. Cal-Stanford ”The Band is on the Field” (Nov. 20, 1982)
  7. Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary against Miami (Nov. 23, 1984)
  8. *Larry Bird’s steal, pass to Dennis Johnson beats Pistons (May 26, 1987)
  9. *Kirk Gibson’s pinch-hit HR beats Athletics in World Series (Oct. 15, 1988)
  10. *Michael Jordan’s jumper against Jazz gives Bulls title No. 6 (June 14, 1998)

*EJH saw live.

There’s not even a write-in option. Sheesh!

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