* Super Bowl XLII


Here’s my prediction for today’s big game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Bill Belichick, more than any other coach in the NFL, knows how to make halftime adjustments. The Pats can be down five points in a game that is supposed to be a blow-out or tied in a game that is supposed to be close. Belichick makes the adjustments, making all the other teams look like one-trick ponies.

I think that Belichick views the 38-35 week 17 win over the Giants as the first half. I don’t expect the Super Bowl to be close.

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4 Replies to “* Super Bowl XLII”

  1. You are hilarious. 10-6 at the very best, and not making the playoffs is my prediction of the 2008 Pats. They have been overrated all season playing in one of the worst divisions in NFL history. Sorry, but you have the super bowl losers curse to deal with now!

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