* 17 Seconds #27

Year of Disruption is coming.

Business meeting. We’ve got the disruptive part down, now we just need to innovate.

On Tuesday 2016-09-06 (which is in exactly 17 days, plus or minus 3 days), GiantPeople (https://www.giantpeople.com), the publisher of 17 Seconds (https://www.giantpeople.com/category/law/17-seconds), is launching the “Year of Disruption” project (http://web.archive.org/*/www.yearofdisruption.com).

The “Year of Disruption” project is designed to start a conversation about IP law for startups.

How can patents and trademarks make startups better/faster/stronger?

And how can providers deliver better/faster/stronger services?

Stealing a page from Jack Welch’s playbook, we must change before we have to.

So if you are an IP lawyer, a startup who cares about patents and trademarks, or a provider of services to startups and/or lawyers, and you would like to contribute to this project (by, for example, contributing one article to the site over the next 9 months), then let us know.

Why start in the fall? Because that’s the start of the school year. And we’re going back to school.

Thanks in advance.

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