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Student to teacher in music class: Normally the hashtags go in front.

Ever since blogs became a thing circa 2002, I have been confused about the definition of “social media.” The Wikipedia definition of social media does not help. (Is Wikipedia social media?)

In the marketing section of Clocktower’s intranet, we store files according to channel (direct mail, print advertising, etc.). I used to have separate folders named “websites” and “social media,” but that simply added to my confusion. What about a blog hosted by WordPress.com? What about if that WordPress.com blog is hosted at your own domain name? What if you use WordPress.org software to power your own website but don’t use the blog feature?

In any event, I decided to rename those two folders to:

  • websites-ours
  • websites-not-ours

That cleared it up for me. If I control/own it, then it’s website marketing (i.e. websites, ours). If I don’t control/own it, then it’s social media marketing (i.e. websites, not ours).

In any event, you should connect with us on websites that are ours and websites that are not ours! Here (in perceived order of importance) is where you can find Clocktower on the intertubes:

* Website and Blog – Clocktower Law
IP Attorneys Guiding Entrepreneurs from Startup to Exit

* LinkedIn – Clocktower Law

* Facebook – Clocktower Law

* Google Maps – Clocktower Law

FWIW, I decided to stop using Twitter in 2017 after it became a platform for hate speech (YMMV). Clocktower’s Twitter account and my personal Twitter account are both still there but only as placeholders to defend our brands. You can also find me on LinkedIn (which I use for business stuff) and Facebook (which I use for personal stuff).

Oh yes, and please subscribe to 17 Seconds! Email is also still a thing.

17 Seconds is a publication for clients and other VIPs of Clocktower Law. Email version powered by MailChimp and the beat of a different keyboard player.

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