* Al Gore Awarded Honorary Patent For Inventing The Internet

From the April Fools’ Day edition of my LawLawLaw newsletter.

[Editor’s Note: This note is from the April Fools’ Day edition of my LawLawLaw newsletter. I’ve been doing April Fools’ Day jokes for a long time, and I reference many of my past parodies in this issue. Believe it or not, there are always those who think that some or all of this is real, even when I include a long disclaimer like this. Why do I do these parodies? Well, Thomas L. Bohan Winston Churchill reportedly said, “It doesn’t take all types, there just are all types.” I am the type who enjoys this sort of humor. I hope you’ll enjoy this too, and I hope that you’ll forward this on to others. So happy April Fools’ Day, and enjoy!]

In a move that is bound to infuriate those seeking to reform the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the USPTO today awarded an honorary patent to Al Gore for inventing the Internet. Asked if this meant he’d consider running for president in 2004, Al Gore said, “Well, I claim that I won the last election, and I claim that I can win again.”

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