* Goodbye FeedBurner

Taking control of my feed again.

I just turned off FeedBurner. The problems with FeedBurner are well documented. No need for me to pile on.

If you’ve subscribed to the FeedBurner feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/erikjheels), then you’ll need to re-subscribe. My blog’s new feed is https://www.giantpeople.com/?feed=rss2. Please make a note of it.

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One Reply to “* Goodbye FeedBurner”

  1. I do quite a bit of work in the area of patents. I like your blog and you seem like an interesting person. With P and G having 65,000 patents they need to start using and tons of other companies in similar positions. Cisco with all the aquisitions they make it is incredible what their patent storehouse must look like.

    Leave a comment on my blog when you update about something I am blogging about so I know when to come back for new stuff.

    Your archives were very informative!

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