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If your firm has a weblog, or if you know of a firm with a weblog, let me know (via a comment or a trackback ping).

By Erik J. Heels

First published 6/12/2003; Heels(dot)com Website; Clock Tower Law Group

Holland & Hart, which has over 260 attorneys in twelve offices throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and Washington D.C., has established a weblog for health care law issues (http://www.hollandhart.com/healthcare/). So that’s one more law firm with a weblog on its official website.

In August 1994, the fifth edition of “The Legal List” included only 74 law firms with some sort of presence on the Internet (i.e. at least an e-mail address), and only five of those had websites:

  1. Kenneth N. Flaxman, P.C.
    • then: http://venus.mcs.net/~knf/home.html
    • now: http://www.kenlaw.com/
  2. Heller, Ehrman, Legal Resource Center
    • then: http://nearnet.gnn.com/mkt/heller/center.html
    • now: http://www.hewm.com/
  3. Clyatt Immigration Law Services
    • then: http://nearnet.gnn.com/mkt/rescenter.html
    • now: unknown
  4. Pepper and Corazzini, L.L.P.
    • then: http://www.iis.com/p-and-c/
    • now: http://www.commlaw.com/
  5. Venable, Baetjer, Howard & Civiletti
    • then: http://venable.com/vbh.html
    • now: http://venable.com/

I wonder if these early website adopters will also be early weblog adopters. I also wonder how many law firms today have weblogs on their public websites. And I wonder how many of those are interactive (i.e. allow comments). After all, business is a conversation.

If your firm has a weblog, or if you know of a firm with a weblog, let me know by posting a comment or a trackback here.

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