* Legal DVD Backups?

An interesting press release from 123 Copy DVD states:

“123 Copy DVD is the first product of its kind that allows the user to back-up any movie while remaining compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which was signed into law on October 28, 1998. The bill was originally supported by the software and entertainment industries, and 123 Copy DVD meets all provisions of the Act.

The software makes perfect, top-quality copies of any DVD-to-DVD-R(W)(R) discs and is ideal for backing up any DVD movie. The software obtained at retail will not copy encrypted DVD’s on its own. However, currently there are encryption files on the Web which can be enabled with 123 Copy DVD at the consumer’s sole option.” (Emphasis added.)

123 Copy DVD is positioning its product against DVD X Copy (which is currently battling DMCA challenges). 123 Copy DVD’s website has a link to another website, which presumably has the software for enabling the copying of encrypted DVDs. That site says:

“Respect Artist Copyrights!!!

This update allows you to make copies of movies you own for backup purposes. It is against the law to make or distribute copyrighted material for purposes other than your personal use. Please respect all copyright holders.”

In short, 123 Copy DVD appears to be trying a two-step approach to making backup copies of DVDs since DVD X Copy’s one-step approach failed the DMCA test.

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