* Tips On File Sharing From An Unlikely Source – Dell

Here’s a blast from the past from Dell’s support pages on how to use Scour.net, the Napster-like file sharing site that (like Napster) was shut down in 2001:

“Scour.net is a website that was developed by some college students who created a proprietary technology for finding music, images and video in the deepest recesses of the net. It claims to scour the net and find anything you can imagine.”

Dell also has a tutorial on how to use Napster:

“Searching for MP3s is easy-and downright addictive. Search for music using the artist’s name or the song title. You can limit the search results by defining the type of connection and speed. For example, you may only want to download from machines with a fast connection such as a T1 or T3 line.”

But wait, there’s more! There’s also a video tutorial on downloading binaries from Usenet.

The page about how to copy a DVD says “This cannot be done.”

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