* Turbocharged Blogroll

Now with RSS feeds.

I have turbocharged my blogroll, more or less synchronizing it with my subscriptions from SharpReader, my preferred RSS aggregator. I have also included links to all of the RSS feeds for the blogs in my blogroll. Based on Rick Klau’s recommendation, I use SharpReader for reading blogs and for reading traditional news sources such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and other publications with RSS feeds. I am also finding that if a site does not have an RSS feed, then I am not likely to read it.

My blogroll includes friends (such as Rick, Ernie, Paul), MIT people who remember me (Ted), and MIT people who probably don’t (Simson). (Simson, FWIW, I was the one who decorated his machine and himself as a tiger in MIT’s 1987 2.70 mechanical engineering design contest.)

I’ve also included non-individual blogs — or GLOBs (Groups of Like-minded Online Bloggers) — such as Chilling Effects [EFF | Harvard | Stanford | Berkeley | USF | Maine Law] and Copyfight [Donna Wentworth | Elizabeth Rader | Ernest Miller | Jason Schultz | Aaron Swartz | Wendy Seltzer].

Also, in keeping with the principles of blogbook.org, I’ve included the authors name in each blogroll when the title of the blogroll itself doesn’t include the author’s name.

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