* The Curse Is Reversed

The Yankees Begin To Comprehend What Is Happening To Them.

No serious Red Sox fan believes in any of the “curse of the Bambino” nonsense. Nor does any serious Red Sox fan own any books or read any articles written by anyone with the initials D.S.

But, hypothetically, if there was a curse, and if the Red Sox reversed — not merely ended — the curse last year, then that means that the curse is now on the Yankees. How does such a curse manifest itself? By having key things go wrong for your team (or right for the other team) in key situations. Like (Cano) running into an out on botched hit-and-run. Or (Cano) getting called out for running out of the baseline on a dropped third strike, ending a rally for your team. Or having two outfielders (Crosby and Sheffield) botch a catchable fly ball that should be the third out of the inning, and instead having it drop for a “triple” (or a double three-base error, take your pick) that drives in two runs in what would turn out to be a two-run game.

What stands out for me about the Yankees in the 2005 ALDS is the sub-par performance of Posada, Matsui, and A-Rod. Here are the Yankees’ ALDS batting averages:

  1. J Giambi .421 (8/19)
  2. D Jeter .333 (7/21)
  3. R Sierra .333 (1/3)
  4. G Sheffield .286 (6/21)
  5. R Cano .263 (5/19)
  6. B Crosby .250 (2/8)
  7. J Posada .231 (3/13)
  8. B Williams .211 (4/19)
  9. H Matsui .200 (4/20)
  10. A Rodriguez .133 (2/15)
  11. T Martinez .000 (0/8)

So, to repeat, I have never believed in and do not now believe in “the curse.” But if there is a curse, and if it is reversed, then long live the curse.

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