* MotionMall Is A Cool Way To Generate Money For Your Blog

User interface and pay-per-action model make it unique.

One of Clock Tower Law Group’s clients has created a cool new service, and with his permission, I’ll explain why it’s cool.

MotionMall (http://www.motionmall.com/) is a free service for websites and blogs that provides an innovative means for generating advertising revenue from visitor traffic.

Each MotionMall web ad automatically displays hundreds of best-selling products from the Amazon online store in the category of your choosing. An inventive use of Flash technology provides visitors with an engaging shopping experience.

Within minutes you can create your own web ad and place it on your website or blog. After specifying your desired product focus and color preferences, simply copy and paste the provided HTML code where you want the ad to appear.

Commissions from product purchases are paid directly to you through the Amazon Associates Program, an industry-leading online affiliate program. A generous commission structure pays between 5% and 10% for each product sale.

There are no out-of-pocket costs required, regardless of the number of web ads used or the amount of revenue generated from them. In order to provide the service for free, MotionMall institutes a reasonable sharing arrangement for referral clicks to Amazon.

You can learn more about this unique service and get started creating your own web ad by visiting the MotionMall website (http://www.motionmall.com/).

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