* American Idol S06E11

I like American Idol. So sue me.

A lot of my friends give me grief for watching American Idol (especially those in my band). And for blogging about it. Then again, one of my favorite books is Richard P. Feynman’s What Do You Care What Other People Think?

I did consider alternatives to blogging this season. After reading a post on Freakonomics, I thought that I’d take the money that I didn’t get to spend on a Nintendo Wii and wager it on my American Idol picks on Tradesports. And not blog at all. But I’m not really the betting type.

I do, however, like the stock analogy for reviews: buy for above average, hold for average, sell for below average. So I’ll keep it brief this year. And I’ll shut up and stop blogging if I’m completely wrong (which I doubt I will be).

So here are my AI picks for today’s episode (in singing order):

  1. Rudy Cardenas – sell
  2. Brandon Rogers – sell
  3. Sundance Head – sell
  4. Paul Kim – sell
  5. Chris Richardson – buy
  6. Nicholas Pedro – hold
  7. Blake Lewis – buy
  8. Sanjaya Malakar – hold
  9. Chris Sligh – buy
  10. Jared Cotter – hold
  11. AJ Tabaldo – hold
  12. Phil Stacey – buy

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4 Replies to “* American Idol S06E11”

  1. Greetings Darryl,

    I thought Sanjaya Malakar’s performance was much better than the judges gave him credit for. On key, not oversung, nice vibrato. Boring, yes. Poorly sung, no.

    I think the producers this year are trying to avoid giving any one contestant an unfair head-start like they (arguably) did last year by giving Taylor Hicks and Kelly Pickler so much “screen time” before the live (i.e. round of 24 contestants) portion started. That said, they have given Sundance Head a head-start, but probably not an unfair one.

    I also think that the producers are going for a pop star this year. The appear to be no obvious rockers, soul singers, or country singers this year. At least not among the male contestants.


  2. Out of all these blogs I finally agree with someone.
    Chris R has a very marketable future in store, I am sure he will get better as it goes. As for Beatboxer guy, Bozo Sligh and bad opera singer Sundance please end it fast for them, they have no future other than bars and cruiseships. No market value at all.

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