* Blogroll Promotions 2

I’ve added a few more blogs to my blogroll.

As I discover new blogs, I add them to my Google Reader account and tag them as “evaluate.” Periodically, I add selected blogs to my public blogroll. In each case, I file the blog under one main category, not necessarily because the blog covers only that topic, but because that’s where I’m most likely to find it. (That’s what a filing system is for, isn’t it?) Also, I link to the blog’s feed, not the blog itself. Skip the middleman, go right to the content.

  1. Clients: GuildCafe – GuildCafe is a social network of online gamers. GuildCafe was founded by gamers who wanted something different: A website with content representing the people who play the games, rather than those who sell them.
  2. Baseball: BornIntoIt.com – A fun Sox fan blog.
  3. Law: Digestible Law – A blog dedicated to Internet law, incorporating the Perkins Coie Internet Case Digest, which was launched circa 1998.
  4. Law: DomainTools – News and commentary about domain name law and business issues (website: Domain Tools).
  5. Law: Staring At Strangers – Jennifer Rose and my ABA colleague David Leffler have joined the ranks of lawyers who are not necessarily blogging about the law. Jennifer writes a lot about Mexico, David write a lot about New York City, and they both write about anything else that comes to mind (website: Staring At Strangers).
  6. Etc.: ThinkGeek – Toys for nerds.
  7. Technology: Techdirt – Technology news and commentary, mostly commentary. Occasionally relevant, always interesting, and somehow I can’t look away. Kind of like a train wreck, but in a good way.

When the feed and the website don’t live at the same place (think Feedburner), I’ve also included a link to the website.

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