* MLB Manager-Of-The-Year Predictions #FireFarrell

Jeff Banister, AL Manager Of The Year; Pete Mackanin, NL Manager Of The Year.


MLB lacks good stats on managers. The best we have is XWL (expected wins-loss), which compares what each team’s win-loss record should be, based on runs scored, to its actual record. A good manager exceeds XWL, a poor managers fails to meet it.

So based on reason, math, and logic, here are the MLB Manager Of The Year predictions:

Division Team Wins (Actual) Wins (XWL) Detla Manager Notes
Top Third – Exceeded Expectations
AL West Texas 89 76 13 Jeff Banister AL Manager Of The Year
NL East Philadelphia 67 59 8 Pete Mackanin NL Manager Of The Year
AL East NY Yankees 77 72 5 Joe Girardi Yankees
AL Central Kansas City 77 72 5 Ned Yost no comment
AL East Baltimore 82 77 5 Buck Showalter slow
AL Central Detroit 79 75 4 Brad Ausmus should have kept him
NL East NY Mets 80 78 2 Terry Collins no comment
NL West Arizona 63 62 1 Chip Hale no comment
AL Central Chi White Sox 72 71 1 Robin Ventura beat up by Nolan Ryan
NL East Miami 75 74 1 Don Mattingly Mr. Yankee
Middle Third – Met Expectations
NL West LA Dodgers 85 84 1 Dave Roberts The Steal
AL Central Cleveland 86 85 1 Terry Francona Tito!
NL Central Cincinnati 63 63 0 Bryan Price no comment
AL West Oakland 66 66 0 Bob Melvin no comment
NL Central Pittsburgh 74 74 0 Clint Hurdle no comment
NL East Atlanta 59 60 -1 Brian Snitker no comment
AL West Houston 79 80 -1 A. J. Hinch no comment
AL West Seattle 79 80 -1 Scott Servais no comment
AL East Toronto 82 83 -1 John Gibbons slow
NL Central Milwaukee 68 70 -2 Craig Counsell Postseason Hero
Bottom Third – Below Expectations
NL Central St. Louis 79 81 -2 Mike Matheny no comment
NL West San Francisco 79 82 -3 Bruce Bochy no comment
NL East Washington 88 91 -3 Dusty Baker Nukes Arms
NL West San Diego 63 67 -4 Andy Green no comment
NL West Colorado 72 76 -4 Walt Weiss no comment
NL Central Chi Cubs 95 99 -4 Joe Maddon Glasses
AL East Boston 86 91 -5 John Farrell Worst Manager In My Lifetime
AL West LA Angels 65 71 -6 Mike Scioscia Loser Face
AL Central Minnesota 55 62 -7 Paul Molitor Twins
AL East Tampa Bay 64 72 -8 Kevin Cash Catcher

Note that John Farrell, the Red Sox “manager,” is the 4th worst in all of baseball. Not only is Farrell the worst manager in my lifetime, he’s the 4th worst in 2016!

I welcome the #FireFarrell apologists to present one iota of evidence to the contrary.

Even if the Red Sox win the 2016 World Series (which they won’t, because of Farrell’s incompetent in-game management), he should still be fired.

And if the Red Sox DO win the 2016 World Series, it will be in spite of John “slightly better than Butch Hobson” Farrell, not because of him.

I’m no idiot. I’m an MIT engineer, a patent lawyer, and a season ticket holder. Check my math.

And #FireFarrell.

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