* Code Monkey Video

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this film.

My band, the MCats, had its 11th performance on Friday night. It was a rainy, buggy, cool night. Not ideal. But we managed to squeeze in a couple dozen songs between downpours. I’m told the party crowd enjoyed the show. I wanted to dedicate one song to my wife for our anniversary (which was also Friday). We’re constantly changing our repertoire, so my choices (of the songs I sing) were few. I chose Psycho Killer. My other option was It’s All Been Done. Good thing my wife understand my goofy sense of humor.

Maybe I should have sung this song instead.

Somehow this code monkey convinced a beautiful Finnish woman to leave her family, country, language, and culture. A woman who, by the way, is more beautiful today than when I met her. Thanks, honey, and happy anniversary!

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