* Facebook Zombies

Congrats, your Zombie bit some chumps! Soon they’ll be part of your Zombie army! Mwah ha ha ah HA HA!

The new Facebook platform has been well documented. So now third parties can develop applications for Facebook. The first new Facebook app that I’ve used? Zombies.

Here’s a snippet from the Zombies terms of service:

“With ZOMBIES, you can easily and effortlessly infect your friends with, well, zombie. As you zombify more of your friends, your place in the zombie hierarchy moves up. You’ll want to infect as many as you can. You’ll make your way from an ensign zombie newbie to zombie god. Plus it’s what all the cool kids are doing.”

Much humor.

If you get Zombies, then you get social networking.

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  1. Hey bra, I’m just looking for the different types of zombies, is there a place I can find to see the variety of upgraded zombies? If not can u write them for me, thanks.

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