* Trying Lijit

Lijit can improve your blog searching like FeedBurner can improve your feed.

I’m outsourcing my blog search to Lijit because it sounds cool. You can still use the plain old boring built-in WordPress search. Or you can use Lijit’s funky turbo-search (not what they call it).

Of course, sometimes I wonder why I even care what my blog looks like, since the vast majority of those who read this blog do so via a feed reader, not via a web browser.

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2 Replies to “* Trying Lijit”

  1. Erik, thanks for trying us out and posting about us. We especially like your use of the “funky turbo-search” and while we may not use that line now, we would like to reserve the right to borrow that gem in the future. Thanks also for the comparison to Feedburner. The Feedburner guys are good friends and we love to be included in the same value category. For some real fun though, check out your Lijit stats page and see the interesting searches that brought people to your page. You might be surprised at what you find!

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