* FeedBlitz Is Broken

And my email to support went unanswered.

Not too long ago, I added FeedBlitz blog-to-email subscriptions to my blog. When it works, the FeedBlitz service is useful. But FeedBlitz’s user interface is maddening, for both publishers and subscribers. And if you log on to their server to try to do anything, be prepared to wait a long time for the server to respond. (At least that was my experience.)

Recently – and for no apparent reason – my FeedBlitz email subscribers ceased receiving my actual blog articles (what they signed up for) and instead started receiving this unhelpful error message:

“Please visit the page to see the changes. To see individual posts or entries the URL given to FeedBlitz will need to be changed – please contact FeedBlitz support or the blog’s owner for help.”

Which rightly makes them (and me) say, “Huh?” I’ve logged into FeedBlitz, checked the settings, and everything seems OK. I even edited my template to add the FeedBurner Headline Animator to my emails, but that change lasted for about a day before FeedBlitz inexplicably reset itself to the default settings.

Now FeedBlitz is annoying my email subscribers instead of delivering my blog entries to them – not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to try out the service. Any good alternatives to FeedBlitz out there?

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