* Amazon Commits Feed Malpractice

More reasons to proofread your feed.

I subscribe to Amazon’s New Music Releases feed, but Amazon omits basic information from its feed, such as the name of the artist. The NAME. Of the ARTIST. Is NOT IN THE FEED. This is feed malpractice.

Ray LaMontagne’s new album “Gossip In The Grain” is getting great reviews, but you’d never know it from Amazon’s feed. Here’s how that album looks in Amazon’s feed:

And here’s how it looks on Amazon’s website:

What’s missing from the feed? Lots:

  1. the name of the artist
  2. user ratings
  3. number of customer reviews
  4. number of customer discussions
  5. release date
  6. in-stock status
  7. sample clips


Yes, Amazon has product feeds. But they are difficult to find on Amazon’s website. And if you’re going to omit basic info such as the name of the artist from you feed, why bother?

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