* TV: Stay Connected Episode II (with Erik J. Heels)

My latest TV appearance.

I recently did a public access cable TV show about starting a company during a recession. It’s a rate opportunity to see me in a suit. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, then you may need to click through to the website to see the video:

Here’s what I talk about and when:

  • 06:03 – startups in a recession
  • 90:08 – choosing a name and domain name for your startup
  • 12:05 – how to choose a good domain name
  • 16:45 – patents vs. trade secrets
  • 21:24 – how many domain names to register

And here are the details from the producer:

Produced in March of 2009 By Thomas J. Dyer in Partnership with the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce.

This show is about Starting a Business or Buying a Business.

The guests are Erik Heels of Clock Tower Law Group, Harry Mink of Alpha Business Solutions and Kerri Salls of Breakthrough Enterprise. They offer some sound advice on starting a business or if you would like to purchase a business.

The show is hosted by Thomas J. Dyer a Financial Planner with Integrated Financial Partners. His office is in Acton, MA. For more info on the show you can reach him at tjdyer@aol.com.

The show is Co-hosted by Ceri Ruenheck. Ceri is the President of It’s Your Call, a business marketing firm in Harvard, MA. She can be contacted through her web site at www.itsyourcall.com.

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5 Replies to “* TV: Stay Connected Episode II (with Erik J. Heels)”

  1. Greetings Jill,

    So here’s the story behind the story. I’m sick in this video, having just woken up about an hour before taping. In the intro shot, you can see me frantically trying to suck down a cough drop before I have to speak.

    I also prefer having a live audience rather than a camera. But thanks for the feedback!


  2. Great job! But stop wiggling! And you can use your hands – you kind of look like you have your elbows welded to your sides.

    On the plus side – your face is very natural, easy – great warmth. Good, concise, focused answers.

    — Your unofficial (and unsolicited) PR adviser

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