* On Blogocide: Rick Klau, Google Blogger PM, Is Not Evil

Google shuts down music blogs, but it had little choice.

Tough week for Google. First, Google’s Blogger division shuts down a handful of music blogs in response to DMCA complaints, and users go crazy. Second, Google Buzz launches, and users are outraged over privacy concerns (more on that later). Users: can’t live without ’em, can’t live with ’em without the occasional outrage.

Some background:

Was Google being evil by taking down music blogs? I think not. In this case, both Google and Blogger bloggers were victims of a dumb law (the DMCA) and incompetent music labels. My friend Rick Klau heads up Google’s Blogger division, and I know he is not evil. His public response to the crisis (on his blog and on Google Buzz) was borderline perfect.

Yes, Google was a victim in this case. The victim of bad laws. But Google is also a victim of its own success, because it’s users expect that “not evil” means “very good.”

Perhaps the world (or at least Google users) would like Google to proactively work to fix bad laws. Or at least comply with the DMCA in the least evil way possible. I’m guessing Rick is working on this as well.

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