* #RedSox 2010: The Season In Tweets

26 snapshots of a season to make Red Sox Nation proud.

This year, I kept my Red Sox blogging and Tweeting to a minimum. I only posted summaries of each (Monday-through-Sunday) week. Those 26 Tweets are shown below. Looking at the season this way helps you see the trends and keep an eye on the big picture. The slow start was not as big of a deal as it seemed, and Pedroia’s injury was a much bigger deal than it initially seemed. But I am proud of the performance of the 2010 Red Sox team, perhaps more than other team in recent memory. This team had no business being in contention until the final week of the season and yet somehow did just that. Regardless of who gets the actual award, Teri Francona is the manager of the year.

Others have posted (and will post) more detailed and eloquent summaries of the season. So here are links to recent articles from some of my favorite baseball blogs:

  1. The Mighty Quinn Media Machine by John Quinn: And That Wraps Up Another Baseball Season. A consistently enjoyable blog.
  2. SOX & Dawgs: Mike Lowell Montage. Great Sox clips like this one.
  3. Cursed To First by Beth: I’m With Amalie. Beth is still my favorite Red Sox blogger!
  4. BronxBanterBlog.com: Come Back Tomorrow. This is a Yankees blog that does a great job of capturing what it means to be a baseball fan.
  5. Surviving Grady: Oh, 2010 Red Sox, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You. Raw, edgy, entertaining.

The #RedSox Year In Tweets

#RedSox week 1: 3-3. Vs. Yankees (1-2). At Royals (2-1). Starters and batters look good. Relievers and Ortiz struggling.

#RedSox week02: 1-5. @ Twins (1-2), vs. Rays (0-3). Pedroia: on fire. Papi: burned out. Rest of team: extended spring training.

#RedSox week03: 4-3 vs TB (0-1), TEX (2-1), BAL (2-1). Darnell McDonald .417; Varitek .304; Lackey 2-1, 5.09 ERA.

#RedSox week04: 3-3 @ TOR (3-0), @ BAL (0-3). Two sweeps, one good, one very bad. Way too many one-run games.

#RedSox week05: 5-2 vs LAA (4-0), vs NYY (1-2). I’ll trade losing a series to the Empire for a winning week every time. Best week so far.

#RedSox week06: 3-3 vs TOR (2-1), @ DET (1-2). Dice-K and Big Papi looking better. Injuries preventing the Sox from firing on all cylinders.

#RedSox week07: 5-2 @ NYY (1-1), vs MIN (2-0), @ PHI (2-1). Dice-K and Wakefield pitch gems, Elsbury returns. Pitching and defense.

#RedSox week08: 5-2 @ TB (3-0), vs KC (2-2). Lester, Buchholz, Ortiz all looking sharp. Keep piling up 5-2 weeks & good things will happen.

#RedSox week09: 4-2 vs OAK (2-1), @ BAL (2-1). Third winning week in a row.

#RedSox week10: 4-3 @ CLE (2-2), vs PHI (2-1). Daniel Nava hits grand slam in first MLB at-bat (also first pitch).

#RedSox week11: 6-0 vs ARI (3-0), vs LAD (3-0). Best week of season. Counters week 2 (only losing week). One game out.

#RedSox week12: 3-3 @ COL (1-2), @ SF (2-1). Good: Pedroia’s 3-HR game. Bad: Pedroia, Buckholz, Martinez injured. Interleague: meh.

#RedSox week13: 3-2 vs TB (1-1), vs BAL (2-1). 49-33 at the half, 1.5 out. Not bad for a bunch of minor leaguers.

#RedSox week14: 2-4 @ TB (0-3), @ TOR (2-1). Injuries showing. 51-37 (4th in MLB) @ All-Star break, 3 back wild card, only 2nd losing week.

#RedSox week15: 1-3 vs TEX. 3rd losing week, 2nd in a row. But seeing slow-footed Bengie Molina hit for the cycle was entertaining baseball.

#RedSox week16: 3-4 @ OAK (1-2), @ SEA (2-2). 4th losing week, 3rd in a row. 5 WCGB. Theo needs to do a deal for this team to have a chance.

#RedSox week17: 5-1 @ LAA (3-0), vs DET (2-1). Bad: no trades made. Good: Big Papi is clutch, walk-off Sox are back!

#RedSox week18: 3-4 vs CLE (2-2), @ NYY (1-2). In 2004, zero Boston pitchers missed starts due to injury. In 2010, only Beltre is healthy.

#RedSox week19: 4-3 @ NYY (1-0), @ TOR (2-1), @ TEX (1-2). A winning week but opportunities lost. Plus Ellsbury likely lost for season.

#RedSox week20: 4-2 vs LAA (2-1), vs TOR (2-1). Winning week, 2 winning series, but time is running out on this injury-plagued season.

#RedSox week21: 3-3 vs SEA (2-1), @ TB (1-2). Sox need to go on a tear and have Rays or Yankees collapse in order to make playoffs.

#RedSox week22: 2-4 @ BAL (2-1), vs CWS (0-3). I with ’em to the end! Plus Sox great Bill Lee wins minor league game at age 63: http://x.co/1Wr

#RedSox week23: 1-5 vs TB (0-3), @ OAK (1-2). Feels like week02. But we can still win this thing! Who’s with me? #Rocky #KeepTheFaith

#RedSox week24: 4-2 @ SEA (3-0), vs TOR (1-2). Sweep the #Yankees in 2 series and we’re in the playoffs! #KeepTheFaith

#RedSox week25: 3-3 vs BAL (1-2), @ NYY (2-1). Series win over the Empire. And only 6.5 back with 7 to go. I like our chances! #KeepTheFaith

#RedSox week26: 3-4 @ CWS (1-3), vs NYY (2-1). Ending on a high note. Win or lose, I’m in ’til the end. Thanks again for a great season!

I am a baseball fan, so I will watch the playoffs and World Series. But I am also counting down the days until Truck Day!

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