* Nominate Techdirt For The ABA’s List Of Top 100 Law-Related Blogs

Techdirt is on my short list of must-read blogs.

Techdirt has (1) good headlines/titles/Tweets (headlines are titles are Tweets, you know), (2) good URLs (no outsourced feeds here), (3) good content, and (4) good cluefulness. This rare combination of goodness makes Techdirt great. Techdirt founder Mike Masnick has the ability to see both the trees and the forest, providing timely commentary on why stuff is broken and why that brokenness might be part of a larger – often bad – trend.

For its insightful commentary on the intersection of law and technology, Techdirt is on my short list of must-read blogs, and you should nominate Techdirt for the ABA’s list of top 100 law-related blogs.

And although I link to Techdirt more than I comment on Techdirt, I thank Mike for the opportunity to guest blog about my favorite posts of the week.

So here are my favorite Techdirt stories (trees) and trends (forest) of the week.

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