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Apple founder Steve Jobs resigned on 08/25/11 and died on 10/06/11. Much has been written about Steve Jobs over the past few weeks. I’m not sure what more I can add, so I’ll simply summarize some of my own favorite Apple-related articles below – as well as link to tributes better than my own. I’m writing this with an iMac on my desk, an iPhone in my pocket, and a (new) iPad in my inbox. I think that says a lot. Cool products, cool leader. Thanks, Steve.

4 Of My Favorite Apple-Related Articles

  • How To Print OS X To XP (3/10/2007)
    How to print from a wireless Apple MacBook running OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to a shared printer on a Windows XP computer.
  • Taking Computing Seriously (Or How The Red Sox Won The World Series) (3/1/2005)
    A strategy for preventing and curing computer problems.
  • Zen And The Art Of Data Restoration (5/1/2003)
    Standardization is elusive, even though there are so many standards to choose from. Or perhaps BECAUSE there are so many. Nevertheless, for many years I have been pursuing an elusive goal of digitizing, standardizing, and archiving all of my data. In this chapter of the journey, I ended up purchasing a 15-year-old computer to restore one file.
  • Designing Good Internet Experiences (1/2/1998)
    The Internet will remain out of the reach of many consumers until computers are as easy to use as lamps.

49 Stories About Steve Jobs From Sites I Read

  1. A Master Class in persuasiveness (2011-06-08)
  2. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO: Twitter Reacts (2011-08-24)
  3. 11 Unusual Ways Steve Jobs Made Apple The World’s Most Admired Tech Company (AAPL) (2011-08-25)
  4. WATCH: Steve Jobs’ Most Important Product Announcements, Ever (AAPL) (2011-08-25)
  5. How Steve Jobs changed Apple (2011-08-25)
  6. 10 Iconic Steve Jobs Moments [VIDEOS] (2011-08-25)
  7. The Lost 1984 Video: Steve Jobs Introduces The Mac (2011-08-25)
  8. Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry’s Apple Story (AAPL) (2011-08-25)
  9. Steve Jobs Has 313 Patents To His Name, Bill Gates Only Has 9 (AAPL) (2011-08-25)
  10. A list of Steve Jobs’s best quotes (2011-08-25)
  11. The Steve Jobs Formula and Why It Works (2011-08-25)
  12. The Steve Jobs Resignation FAQ (2011-08-25)
  13. Steve Jobs’s most ambitious product: Apple Inc. (2011-08-25)
  14. Shrine of Apple offers visual history of Apple’s hardware (2011-08-30)
  15. Apple stock performance under Steve Jobs (2011-09-09)
  16. Steve Jobs on Apple in 1996, prior to his return (2011-09-19)
  17. WATCH: Steve Jobs Talks About Cloud Computing In 1997 (AAPL) (2011-09-23)
  18. Why Apple Employees Avoid Getting In The Elevator With Steve Jobs (2011-09-27)
  19. Steve Jobs Has Passed Away (2011-10-06)
  20. Apple Co-Founder And Chairman Steve Jobs Has Died (2011-10-06)
  21. Steve Jobs Has Died (2011-10-06)
  22. The 13 Most Memorable Quotes From Steve Jobs (AAPL) (2011-10-06)
  23. Luminaries Respond To Steve Jobs’ Death (2011-10-06)
  24. Steve Jobs: ‘Death Is The Destination We All Share’ (2011-10-06)
  25. Tribute Video to Steve Jobs [Video] (2011-10-06)
  26. Steve Jobs Remembered: 10 of His Most Magical Moments [VIDEO] (2011-10-06)
  27. #iSad: Twitter overflows with reactions to Steve Jobs’ passing (2011-10-06)
  28. 15 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes (2011-10-06)
  29. Steve Jobs narrates the first Think Different commercial ‘Here’s to the Crazy Ones’ (Seth Weintraub/9to5Mac) (DATE)
  30. 10 important products Steve Jobs helped bring to the world (2011-10-06)
  31. The Full Text Of Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech (AAPL) (2011-10-06)
  32. Videos: Watch Steve Jobs Introduce His Most Important World-Changing Products (AAPL) (2011-10-06)
  33. 7 Inspirational Videos To Remember Steve Jobs By (2011-10-06)
  34. Steve Jobs’s Other Amazing Companies: NeXT and Pixar (2011-10-06)
  35. How The World’s Newspapers Said Goodbye To Steve Jobs This Morning (2011-10-06)
  36. Steve Jobs’ Life-Saving Legacy (AAPL) (2011-10-06)
  37. Steve Jobs Makes The Cover Of Time Magazine For The Seventh Time (2011-10-06)
  38. Remembering Steve Jobs (2011-10-06)
  39. Wozniak Tearfully Remembers His Friend Steve (AP/YouTube) (2011-10-06)
  40. Here’s to the crazy ones: a farewell to Steve Jobs (2011-10-06)
  41. Steve Jobs Media Empire Timeline (2011-10-06)
  42. Last American Who Knew What The F*ck He Was Doing Dies (2011-10-06)
  43. CNN’s Tribute To Steve Jobs (2011-10-06)
  44. Steve Jobs’ Legacy In the Pantheon of Great American Innovators (2011-10-06)
  45. 6 of Apple’s Greatest Mistakes (2011-10-06)
    Except that HyperCard was awesome!
  46. So long Steve Jobs (2011-10-07)
  47. STEVE JOBS: ‘I Wanted My Kids To Know Me’ (2011-10-07)
  48. One More Thing: Classic Steve Jobs Surprise Announcements (2011-10-07)
  49. Steve Jobs’s secret legacy: Dying Apple boss left plans for four years of new products (Daily Mail) (2011-10-10)

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