* Bringing Back My Blogroll And Other Weblog Changes

Too bad there is still no easy automatic way to keep my RSS reader and my blogroll updated.

I have brought back my blogroll. I periodically publish, retire, publish, and retire the blogroll. Why? Because there is no easy automatic way to keep the blogs in my RSS reader (SharpReader) and my blogroll in sync in my weblog (powered by Movable Type).

Blogrolls were helpful in the “early days” of blogging to keep track of what others were saying, link to them, comment on their blogs, and automatically link to them with TrackBack. Of course weblog comments and TrackBack links quickly became the new favorite distribution channel for spammers, so I (like many other bloggers) have completely abandoned comments and TrackBack links.

So now, as in the pre-blog days, if someone writes something that I like, dislike, or otherwise want to comment on, I will write about them and link to them (or not).

And because Rick Klau works for them, I am redirecting my weblog RSS feed to FeedBurner. But I am still struggling to understand the relevance of FeedBurner (other than to stroke my ego).

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