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Introduction Stuff

Why I Love My Readers
You, my dear readers, are the best. Why? Because – without any prompting from me – you forward this newsletter to your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else who could use a laugh, a good patent and trademark law firm, or both. So thanks, and don’t forget why I love you.

Client Stuff

Clock Tower Law Group’s clients range in size from a sole proprietor to a publicly traded company. Here’s what some of them are up to. And although I try to limit the newsletter to two stories per category, I do need to give honorable mention to Kayak’s 04/26/07 announcement of the “death” of one of their products (marketing done right).

OurStage Story In Boston Globe
OurStage is just a baseball short of being the poster child for this newsletter’s tagline: technology, law, and rock ‘n’ roll. OurStage is doing for the web what American Idol did for television, namely letting the people choose the best artists. Check out OurStage’s April winners.

Yahoo! Announces Agreement to Acquire Right Media, Largest Emerging Online Advertising Exchange
Congratulations to Clock Tower Law Group client Right Media on the announcement that Yahoo! has agreed to acquire Right Media.

Law Stuff

ICANN Planning More Useless Domain Names (2007-05-11)
From the perspective of trademark owners, new top-level domain names (TLDs) are nothing but a tax. So brace for more changes and be prepared to register new domain names for all of your trademarks.

Recording Industry Attacks Internet Radio Using Copyright Office As Proxy (2007-04-26)
The Copyright Office shamefully did the RIAA’s bidding by retroactively and dramatically increasing the royalty rates that Internet radio stations (such as Radio Paradise) must pay. The new rates were scheduled to kick in 05/15/07, but then there were protests (and more protests), and the rate increase has been delayed for now. But honestly, this situation is an embarrassment to due process, an affront to common sense, and an insult to consumers and radio entrepreneurs.

Technology Stuff

Full Feeds vs. Partial Feeds (2004-04-18)
My friend Rick Klau from FeedBurner (a company that hosts and improves weblog feeds for publishers of all sizes) just ended the debate about whether partial feeds or full feeds are better for publishers. To paraphrase Rick, the Internet has changed. It’s no longer about viewing content at your website. By freeing your content, you can make it do more for you. So not only is there no evidence that partial feeds (which require you to click through to the website to read the rest of the story) help publishers, there is amply evidence that they hurt publishers. There are 90 million registered domain names, and FeedBurner is hosting about 600,000 feeds, so we’re not even at 1% penetration, but it’s important for publishers to get it right – and now. Publishing a blog without a full feed in 2007 is like publishing a website without text in 1997.

Yahoo! Mail Launches Unlimited Storage (2007-05-16)
Is it just me or does Google feel more evil every day? Because of this, I am constant trying to force myself to use Yahoo instead of Google. Which is why I like the announcement of unlimited storage for Yahoo Mail. Now if I could just convince Yahoo to drop the “!” from their name.

Baseball Stuff

Nine Principles Of Baseball And Life (2007-05-02)
The title says it all.

Red Sox On A Roll
The only problem with the 2007 Red Sox is choosing their best games in the last month. The Sox scored 5 in the 8th to top Mo and the Yanks 7-6, the Sox hit 4 consecutive home runs against the Yankees (see also Beth’s writeup), and the Sox scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Orioles 6-5.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Stuff

NYC Subway Blues (2007-04-18)
This video shows is a Mississippi Delta blues musician teaching a young Asian man how to play the blues.

Find lyrics at Yahoo Music (2007-04-27)
Yahoo Music is now offering legal music lyrics.

Random Stuff

Transcribed “Leave it to Beaver” Letter (2007-05-10)
A TV show prop is dated with the help of baseball trivia.

Google Maps Middle Earth (2007-04-24)
Navigation help for fans of The Lord of The Rings.

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