* Social Radio: Ezmo Lets Friends Listen To Each Other’s Music

Upload all your music, play your music anywhere, share with your friends.

Norway-based Ezmo hopes to change the way music fans share music. Unlike the original Napster, which used a central server where users uploaded music to and downloaded music from, Ezmo only allows users to listen to (not download) each other’s music. So it’s kind of like social radio, but that’s not what they call it.

What Ezmo does say on its website and blog is interesting:

“We are critical of what music has become in the digital era. EZMO is here to solve the hassles of using digital music today; the lack of legal options to share music, the mp3 player that is at home when you want it, and not sync’d when you have it, the corrupted files you get on peer-to-peer networks, and the restrictions of other media players. EZMO exists to bring a great music experience to everyone, anywhere. EZMO is the online music player that lets you enjoy your own and your friends’ music anyway you like. It’s legal and it’s free.”

Keep in mind that there is more than one country in the world. And more than one set of laws. So what the USA (and the RIAA) thinks is legal may not be what Norway thinks is legal.

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