* Website Review: Sidley and Austin

A textbook in how to design a Web site.

By Erik J. Heels and Richard P. Klau

First published 8/12/1997; LegalResearcher.com; publisher: New York Law Publishing Company

Sidley & Austin’s site (http://www.sidley.com/) could be used as a textbook in how to design a Web site. All menu options are available in the first screen of information; graphics are less than 40k (anyone who claims that you can’t do much with less than 50k should compare their efforts with Sidley’s); contact info for every office is on the home page; a text-only option is presented right away; the file and directory structure actually makes sense; design elements carry out to all levels of the site; feedback on the site is facilitated by a guestbook; a sitemap demonstrates the overall layout of the site – the list goes on. In case it wasn’t clear, we really, really, like this site. Other than the “Seminars” section being out of date (by more than a month), there really isn’t much wrong with this site. Bottom line: Sidley & Austin’s Web site is one of the best professional Web sites (law firm or otherwise) currently online. Clients, law students, and prospective clients will all find something of value here – we know we did.

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