* Website Review: Haynes and Boone

Another one of our favorite domain names.

By Erik J. Heels and Richard P. Klau

First published 9/4/1997; LegalResearcher.com; publisher: New York Law Publishing Company

Another one of our favorite domain names (http://www.hayboo.com/). And as close to a perfect home page as you can get. Professional quick graphics (of chess to boot, a thinking person’s game), text navigation elements, and a client-side imagemap left us drooling to see the rest of the site. What would make it perfect, you ask? If it fit on a 480×640 monitor without scrolling. Inside, perfect proved elusive, because page titles didn’t include the name of the firm, graphical and text-based navigation elements contained non-identical links. But there’s plenty of good stuff too. The results page for the attorney search is the best we’ve ever seen, with summary information provided for each found attorney. And the layout of the attorney profile pages is good. Some sections of the site (“connections,” “leading edge,” and “briefings”) provided little clue about what might be inside. We, of course, looked, but we wonder if non-reviewers would be as patient. The bulk of the “I’ll-be-back” content is under “briefings,” including newsletters about litigation, health care, and intellectual property law.

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