* Help Coin A New Word For (Bad) Hotlinking

Copyjacking = copyright + hijacking. Copyjacking + hotlinking + framing = inline linking.

As Jay Parkhill points out, I’ve been having a conversation on Facebook about a new term “copyjacking” in light of the Freakonomics incident.

For those of you not on Facebook yet, here’s the full text of my original post:


Thanks to BK for pointing out this group to me.

I think we need a new word for ‘hotlinking.’ That word does not do a good job of describing what is going on when content from a third party website is presented in another website as if it were native content. Some sites/applications encourage this (like embedding a YouTube video). But most flavors of this practice (framing, hotlinking, and stuff we haven’t thought of yet) are discouraged, a violation of netiquette, and maybe even a violation of some law.

But we need a better word. Better words make for better understanding. I like ‘copyjacking,’ a mashup of ‘copyright’ and ‘hijacking.’ Your thoughts?

I’ve been covering this issue on my blog, as many of you know. Thanks in advance for your input!


When I mentioned that what the hotlinker is doing is like a pawn shop owner selling stolen goods as if they were his/her own, BK suggested “p0wning,” which made me laugh out loud.

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