* Funniest Movies Of The 1980s

Funny movie clips from the 1980s.

Social networking sites MySpace and Facebook asked me to list my favorite movies. It only took me 41 years, but here’s my list.

I started with Wikipedia’s list of films by year. I added links to Amazon (because this list is primarily for me, and I’d like to buy all of these eventually). I looked at IMDB for quotable quotes (or just remembered them). Then I added YouTube clips (when available). My list includes primarily comedies, but I’ve included a bunch of non-comedies with memorable (and now funny) quotes. I also ignored everything before 1966.

The quotes don’t always match the clips (but I tried). Video clips are not available for all movies, even though I think it’s silly for the entertainment industry not to take advantage of ease-of-copying on the Internet. For more on the legal issues of linking to YouTube videos, see my copyjacking category and the EFF’s article on YouTube embedding and copyright.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a service that combined e-commerce, YouTube video clips, and quotable quotes for movies? Until such a service exists, blog posts like this one will have to suffice.

According to my research, the funniest year for movies was 1988. Second funniest was 1984. But YMMV. Feel free to let me know if I’ve made any glaring omissions. I’ll either (1) add the missing info, (2) explain why you’re wrong, or (3) ignore your suggestion. Kind of depends on my mood.

If you know the majority of these quotes, then you should be immediately entitled to U.S. citizenship. That’s my stand on immigration reform. I also favor clean water. Enjoy!

Funniest Movies Of The 1980s

  1. 1980: Airplane!

    “Surely you can’t be serious.”
    I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”

  2. 1980: Caddyshack

    “Incredible Cinderalla story … oh he got all of that one!”

  3. 1980: The Blues Brothers

    “We’re on a mission from God.”

  4. 1981: Arthur

    “Why don’t you forget the moose for a moment!”

    No clip.

  5. 1981: Stripes

    “That’s the fact, Jack!”

  6. 1982: 48 HRS.

    “I’m sorry about the door man. Did that hurt? It looked real painful.”

  7. 1983: Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

    “Ah, I see you have the machine that goes ping. “

  8. 1983: National Lampoon’s Vacation

    “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!”

  9. 1983: Trading Places

    “Turn those machines back on!”

  10. 1984: Beverly Hills Cop

    “Stakeout? No, no. I’m picnicking. This is like a picnic area.”

  11. 1984: Ghostbusters

    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!”

  12. 1984: Police Academy

    “When do we get guns?”

  13. 1984: Revenge of the Nerds

    “Are all nerds as good as you?”

  14. 1984: Splash

    “It’s not that you had a lot to drink. It’s just you’re too skinny.”

  15. 1984: The Terminator. Not technically a comedy, but included here because it’s most memorably line has become comedic.

    “I’ll be back.”

  16. 1984: This Is Spinal Tap

    “These go to eleven.”

  17. 1985: Back to the Future

    “Are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?”

  18. 1985: The Breakfast Club

    “Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

  19. 1986: Crocodile Dundee

    “That’s not a knife. That’s a knife!”

  20. 1986: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    “Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?”

  21. 1986: Three Amigos

    “One for each other, and all for one!”

  22. 1987: Spaceballs

    “Ludicrous speed!”

  23. 1987: The Princess Bride. This is one of my personal favorites, although I missed it when it first came out becasue I was preoccpied with MIT. The whole movie is one big quote. Just memorize it.

    “You only think I guessed wrong! That’s what’s so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”

  24. 1988: A Fish Called Wanda

    “Don’t call me stupid.”

  25. 1988: Bull Durham

    “Charlie, here comes the deuce. And when you speak of me, speak well.”

    No clip.

  26. 1988: Die Hard. An action comedy with many memorable lines.


  27. 1988: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    “Excuse me. May I go to the bathroom first?”

  28. 1988: Midnight Run. An action comedy that gets better every time.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll get you there on time.”

  29. 1988: Rain Man. A comedy drame with at least one very memorable line.

    “Of course I’m an excellent driver.”

  30. 1988: The Naked Gun – From the Files of Police Squad!

    “How about that!”

  31. 1988: The Waterboy

    “Water sucks, Gatoraid is better.”

  32. 1988: Twins

    “I have a brother?”

  33. 1988: Young Guns. A favorite from my time in pilot training.

    “It ain’t easy having pals.”

    No clip.

  34. 1989: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


  35. 1989: When Harry Met Sally. This may be the only romantic comedy on the list.

    “I’ll have what she’s having.”

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