* Top 10 Reasons Shane Victorino is Worth 22 Seconds of Music

Don’t worry, about a thing, ’cause every little thing, gonna be all right!

Remember when the NHL changed rules to require helmets? And it grandfathered the “old school” players? Well, MLB has reduced the time allotted for pre-at-bat music from 22 seconds to 15 seconds.

Here are the top 10 reaons Shane Victorino should be grandfathered from this (silly) rule:

10. 08/13/13: Victorino lifts Sox over Blue Jays in 11th

9. 08/27/13: Victorino records seven RBIs in Red Sox rout

8. 09/04/13: Victorino makes catch, falls into stands

7. 09/05/13: Victorino comes up clutch

6. 09/06/13: Victorino hits two-run shot for Boston lead

5. 09/13/13: Victorino makes great running catch on liner

4. 10/08/13: ALDS Game 4: Victorino plates Ellsbury for 2-1 lead

3. 10/19/13: ALCS Game 6: Victorino’s clutch slam sends Sox to WS

2. 10/30/13: World Series Game 6: Victorino collects four RBIs in clincher

1. 10/30/13: ANY Shane Victorino Interview (You Know?)

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Erik J. Heels is a patent and trademark lawyer for Boston startups, Red Sox fan, MIT engineer, and musician. He blogs about technology, law, baseball, and rock ‘n’ roll at erikjheels.com.

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